سه‌شنبه، بهمن ۲۲، ۱۳۸۱

Huh !!!

Well, I simply made a mess out of it !!! All those of you who had bet on my score, just lost ! It's much less than what you can imagine of a mess !!

I'll accept cash, as I'll reregister for another exam !

By the way, Monsieur Meshkat! thanks for the Goo_se_pand! I'll appreciate in my mother tongue, as soon as I'm in my mother town ! but for now Danke viel mals !

Excuse me, but I couldn't read all the weblogs and nor all the emails ! I'll be back in less than a week, and I'll compensate for it then.

Bye All !!!!

P.S. Mr. Amir Masoud ! this is an update, as you'd asked for it, but what of an UPDATE !!!!

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